Homemade, fresh, local

Recipes, which have been passed on from generation to generation

As we value homemade goods, you can choose between various dishes on our menu, which are prepared to old family recipes, that have been handed on from generation to generation over decades.

According to our ancestors‘ recipes we produce:

Sauerkraut, grilled sausage, black pudding, rolling pins „Štruklji“, dumplings filled with buckwheat, curd or spinach…
Dried meat products – ham „Bula“ a la maison, salami, minced lard…
and of course, our always freshly homemade bread.

Freshly prepared food from very fresh ingredients

We cultivate and harvest most of the ingredients on our menu in our surrounding area. Our chefs skilfully utilize the high quality of our freshly and locally harvested aliments. You should therefore give yourself to their cookery and order something, that was prepared by current inspiration.

From the garden to the plate

We are cultivating potatoes, vegetables and aromatic herbs on our surrounding fields and in our greenhouse. We are permanently striving to keep our products’ way from the field or greenhouse to the kitchen as short as possible. After all we are convinced that useing fresh ingredients is preconditional for a high-quality and tasteful meal.

Something sweet

Pastries always brighten the day. Treat yourself with a homemade strudel, pancakes with different fillings or with our dessert of the day.

Your celebration should be special

Try our cakes. We’re manufacturing them according to your individual desires, for festivities on the occasion of baptism, communion, confirmation, wedding, for birthday or anniversary celebrations, or just because you felt the sudden wish for a cake. Concerning shape and flavour of the cake we are flexible to meet your needs.

Let yourself be pampered in the familiar ambience of the inn Turk and hosted by our friendly and proficient employees, who will serve you traditional culinary delights, that have been prepared after recipes, handed down through the generations.

Pustite se razvajati v domačem okolju Gostilne Turk, kjer vas bo prijazno in ustrežljivo osebje postreglo z
okusno hrano pripravljeno po tradicionalnih družinskih receptih, ki so se prenašali iz roda v rod.

Delovni čas

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